Clare Curran. Prize Twit.

12:06pm, 22 Nov

Clare Curran. Labour MP. Dunedin. Has a weird way of writing. Like. This. Went out campaigning. Last night. Working class people. State housing people. People she wants to stay working... Read more ...
Matthew Hooton

Labour plumbs new depths

1:07pm, 21 Nov

The Labour Party has sent out a direct mail to pregnant women and beneficiaries which is the most disgusting piece of campaigning I've ever known.  I got to talk about it with Labour... Read more ...
Matthew Hooton

Post-teapot poll has National on 56%

6:31am, 20 Nov

The Herald on Sunday's post-teapot poll has National on 56% and poor old Labour - crowded out by the week's events - on a pathetic 26%. The Greens are on 11.3%, NZ First on 3.6% and Act 0.5... Read more ...
Matthew Hooton

Labour the big loser from teaport saga

4:51pm, 19 Nov

As I predicted on Nine to Noon on Wednesday (listen from about 11:20), Labour appears to be the big loser from the teapot saga. The Roy Morgan poll out today, for which polling only finished... Read more ...
Matthew Hooton

Strange trading patterns in Rodney

8:01am, 19 Nov

The new Conservative Party knows it has pretty much no chance of achieving MMP's 5% threshold, so it is believed to be investing most of its $1 million national spending limit in the... Read more ...
Matthew Hooton

Key's strategy pays off

7:03am, 19 Nov

As the market appears to have been indicating yesterday, John Key's teapot strategy, which I outlined on iPredict Election 2011 on Thursday, has worked.  According to polling carried out for... Read more ...
Matthew Hooton

The election looked over. Nek minnit...

6:53pm, 18 Nov

Today's Herald poll lifting NZ First to within breathing distance of the 5 per cent threshhold for a return to parliament has also been a gift for Phil Goff. The market doubled its expectation of... Read more ...

Oh dear! Key stuffs up big time

11:47am, 16 Nov

Before anyone from the left points this out, I may as well get ahead of events and point out there is an unfortunate parallel between these two events: http... Read more ...
Matthew Hooton

Opportunity in Waiariki?

8:47pm, 08 Nov

Morgan Godfrey is a credible commentator on Maori politics. I am startled to see it, but he is predicting Annette Sykes to win Waiariki for Mana.   " win the electorate she needs to... Read more ...

New stocks on Labour leadership launched

12:48pm, 07 Nov

iPredict has launched new stocks on the next leader of the Labour Party. With Phil Goff's chances of winning the election back down in single figures, it seems unlikely he will last much beyond... Read more ...
Matthew Hooton
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