Labour the big loser from teaport saga

As I predicted on Nine to Noon on Wednesday (listen from about 11:20), Labour appears to be the big loser from the teapot saga.

The Roy Morgan poll out today, for which polling only finished yesterday, has Labour down to a disastrous 24.5%, while the Greens are up a bit to 13% and New Zealand First has corrected back to 3%.

As I predicted on Nine to Noon, the issue has crowded out the Labour Party so that it has been unable to get any traction. 

Moreover, as Fairfax reported this morning, the public backs the Prime Minister over the media over the matter and I understand the Herald on Sunday will have a similar poll with very similar results tomorrow morning.

Worse for Labour, Phil Goff still appears unable to competently answer questions about Labour's fiscal policy and he has been caught in an outright lie over electricity prices.

iPredict will shortly launch a new stock asking whether or not Labour will get 10 points more than the Greens next Saturday.  I think I'll take a short position on it - 23/13 sounds perfectly possible in my view.


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