Post-teapot poll has National on 56%

The Herald on Sunday's post-teapot poll has National on 56% and poor old Labour - crowded out by the week's events - on a pathetic 26%.

The Greens are on 11.3%, NZ First on 3.6% and Act 0.5%.

The results are in line with, although not identical to, the Roy Morgan poll published yesterday which also had Labour at disastrous levels. 

Interestingly, the Herald on Sunday also asked whether the paper should have published a transcript of the teapot tape and voters said no.  This is the same as what Fairfax found.

It is idle speculation to ask whether those poll results influenced the HoS's to not in fact publish it today, but, ultimately, the paper has done the right thing.  It obtained the recording, listened to it, considered the privacy laws and decided that the contents of the tape did not override the privacy issues.

For its part, the iPredict market is still more bearish about National's vote than the polls, currently suggesting a party vote of only 48% but with John Key to be Prime Minister again over 90% after very heavy trading in recent days.

iPredict also continues to be of the view that the teapot tape will not be released before the election.

The stock asking whether Labour's party vote will be at least 10 points above the Greens' will be launched today. 


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