Clare Curran. Prize Twit.

Clare Curran. Labour MP. Dunedin. Has a weird way of writing. Like. This.

Went out campaigning. Last night. Working class people. State housing people. People she wants to stay working class. And in state houses. So they keep voting Labour.

Amazing crowds. Mother came up to her. Gave her a picture. By her 7 year old girl. Smeared John Key. Said he will sell the fish. And her toys. Mum says she's brainer than her. Perhaps she is.

Clare is enthralled. Class consciousness. In a 7 year old. And scared of John Key. Cos he'll sell the toys. And the fish. Whatever that means.

Clare says John Key better watch out. This is the future. Working class. State houses. Kids being taught crap. Everyone voting Labour.

Clare doesn't know how the girl worked it all out. About John Key. That he'll sell her toys. And the fish.

Maybe it's because her Mum is Labour. Staunch Labour. Working class.  State house. Surely not. 

Clare. You total twit. This is not how we bring up kids. We try our best to open their minds. To stop them from thinking just like us. To think for themselves. We don't get proud when they parrot we say. Or if they exaggerate it. Or make a mistake.

When we say (say):  "John Key will sell shares in energy companies." And if our kids then say (say): "John Key will sell my toys!" Then we say: "No he won't my love. Your toys will be fine. And so will the fish. (What's this about the fish!?) Let's go ride our bikes. Or read a book. or go for a swim Or do a jigsaw. Or (even) watch TV."  

And if we're an MP. Like Clare is. And someone comes up to us. Who supports us. But is clearly trying to indoctrinate their kids. With the party line. We don't then post about it. On our party blog. We are a bit embarrassed. And move on. To talk to the next voter.  You know - someone over 18. Not 7.  Someone Labour isn't finding many of. Anywhere.


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