Polls Begin To Catch Up With iPredict

Polls Begin To Catch Up With iPredict

Wellington – The latest Herald-DigiPoll has moved in line with iPredict probabilities taking National below 50 percent with growing support for the minor parties.

The poll put National on 49.5 percent support, whereas they have been trading on iPredict at around the 47 percent mark for some weeks (with occasional spikes to 49 percent and troughs at 45 percent).

Labour dipped again by 0.4 points to 28.7 percent in the Herald poll.

The iPredict probability has been around the 28 percent mark since November 8, with peaks of 30 percent and troughs of 24 percent.

The Herald Poll gave the Greens a 2.5 point jump in a week to 12.6 percent.

The iPredict probability has been between 10 percent and 12 percent for the last month.

The poll asked voters if National were to lead the next government with just one other party, which one would be best. Just under 39 percent chose the Greens, compared with 18.9 for ACT, 17.8 for the Maori Party and 10.6 percent for NZ First.

The Herald poll of 750 voters was conducted from November 3 to 9. The party vote is of decided voters only and 8.1 per cent of the sample was undecided. The margin of error is 3.6 per cent.



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