Reactor Rates Cunliffe Winner Of Debate – By A Nose


David Cunliffe narrowly won the first Leaders Debate, but it was a very close thing according to those taking part in Roy Morgan’s Reactor.

The TV One debate on Thursday night was watched by hundreds of thousands of viewers as David Cunliffe and John Key went head to head for the first time in the election campaign.

Those taking part in the Reactor said at the end they felt the victor was:

John Key –36%
David Cunliffe – 51%
Draw – 5%
Undecided – 8%

In general those taking part were negative about John Key’s comments on “Dirty Politics”

The audience were also slightly more positive about David Cunliffes’ comments on his life and John Key.

Those taking part were signed up from Scoop and drafted in from Roy Morgan’s Helix Persona focus groups.


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